Alliance Companies

Contract Medical International (CMI) (Germany)
CMI was founded in Dresden Germany and currently has facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic. Since its founding in late 2000, CMI has been providing High Quality/Low Cost contract Manufacturing and Research & Development services to the medical device industry. With core competencies in Manufacturing, R&D and Regulatory Guidance and Approvals, CMI is able to offer our clients a full service approach, which can take their products, "From Concept Through Clinicals".

Qserve Group
Qserve Consultancy B.V. is an independent medical device regulatory consulting firm with an in-house expertise needed to bring medical devices rapidly to the market in Europe and elsewhere.
Qserve Consultancy is part of the Qserve Group.
The Qserve Group comprises of three divisions, two in Europe and one in the United States:
  • Purmerend, The Netherlands
    Qserve Consultancy B.V.
    Qserve Support B.V.
  • The United States, New Hampshire, Claremont
    Qserve America Inc. (a member of the Qserve Group)
Qserve, as Medical Device Consultants, facilitates product market approval of your device, e.g., CE Marking in Europe and FDA approval in the USA, and provides Quality Management System implementation of ISO 13485, auditing conform ISO 13485, as well as (pre)clinical evaluations. Qserve can also be of help with post marketing compliance issues, such as vigilance. Qserve is the expert in quality assurance and regulatory affairs for manufacturers of medical devices.